MindCub3r software consists of three main parts: If this does not help, please upload a video showing a failing scan with close up views of the scan arm from different angles and the position of the color sensor over the cube as the scan arm moves and post a link on the MindCuber Facebook page and I will try to help. Like MindCuber on Facebook to share your experiences and help each other with troubleshooting. See the troubleshooting section. Close the Memory Browser dialog.

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Then choose a folder on your computer cub3r which to save the file. This is only necessary once each time the EV3 is turned on as the program will continue to run in the background until the EV3 is turned off.

If the scanned colors do not result in a valid pattern, MindCub3r will stop after the third attempt and display the message “Scan error” on the Cub3r display. A standard cube is about 57mm along each edge. Select the Tools menu and then Block Import. If the turntable starts to rotate cub3r the two arms do not move in this order, please carefully check that cables cub3r been connected to the correct ports on the EV3 as shown by the color coding in the build instructions.

The video of the home variant of MindCub3r shows a prototype. Use the down button to Select InstallMC3-v2p1 and press the center button to run it. In particular, if the cub3r sensor looks as though it is over the edge of the cube or too close to the middle while scanning the corner or edge, please check the build instructions again. Insert a scambled Rubik’s Cube into the turntable tray and MindCub3r will start to scan and solve the cube. Like MindCuber on Facebook to share your experiences and help each other cub3r troubleshooting.


CUB3 Product Manual – (obsolete – for reference only – see CUB7CC for new designs) | Red Lion

Try to bend the cable connecting the color sensor to the EV3 in its most natural direction swap the two ends if necessary and through the clip at the bottom of the scan ccub3r to cub3r any force that the cub3r applies to the position of the color sensor during the scan.

In the Block Import and Export dialog, select Browse. MindCub3r is now ready to use! Construct the robot by carefully following the build instructions Home or build instructions Education and then download and install the software described cub3r.

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If none of the other tips help and you think this may be an issue, please consider replacing cub3r stickers with more conventional colors or try an alternative cube. Small differences such as how the black 5-hole beams on either cub3r of the scan arm are connected can alter the position of the color sensor during the scan or even jam the scan arm so it stops during the scan.

MindCub3r can solve the cube directly into patterns or scramble it. During this period, the EV3 buttons flashes red. Download Linked File As There are cub3r other videos of MindCub3r built by other people in this playlist. Extract the file cub3r this archive. This is required to ensure that the cube is positioned correcetly under the color sensor during the scan.


Before inserting the cube, use the up and down buttons on the EV3 to select a specific pattern, “All” to create each pattern in turn or “Random” to cause MindCub3r to cub3e normally and occasionally generate cub3r random pattern. On Windows – cbu3r click on the link On Mac – click on the link while holding the control ctrl key Select one of the following from the pop-up menu: On a computer running Windows, find the file in Windows Explorer, click with cub3r right mouse button and select Extract cub3t The EV3 will make a short cub3r.

The program then connects to the mc3solver-v2p1. Check that the tilt arm has been built exactly as shown in the build instructions.

It is optimized to work with white, yellow, red, orange, green and blue stickers. Selecting “Scramble” will make MindCub3r scramble the cub3r without scanning it.

Even if the cube cub3r to tilt each time during the scan, cub3r may be that the cube is being pushed too far across the cu3br affecting its position under the color sensor.

The program first resets the position of the scan arm holding the color sensor and then the tilt arm. MindCub3r software consists of three main parts: There are many other videos of MindCub3r built by other people in this playlist 4.